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Advantages of Using Rugged IP67 Cameras in Industrial Applications

18/02/2020 - Noon - 1 PM ET


Webinar Description: Rugged IP67 cameras are the ideal choice for a myriad of industrial applications requiring top imaging performance and durability in harsh conditions. With industrial environments often exposed to harsh elements such as water, dirt, dust, shock, vibration, chemicals and extreme temperatures, there is a growing demand for the optimization of industrial and automated processes. Rugged IP67 cameras overcome these challenges because they are designed to operate reliably and effectively in these demanding conditions. Learn about the advantages of using rugged IP67 cameras in industrial applications such as automotive, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, inspection, robotics, aerospace, security, machine vision, packaging, process control, traffic & transportation, military, agricultural, and MORE.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to select the right IP67 camera for your vision system
  • Why IP67 cameras are superior in harsh environments/demanding conditions
  • Advantages of using rugged IP67 cameras in industrial applications

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