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Are We There Yet? The Collaboration Between Robots and Vision

01/12/2020 - Noon - 1 PM ET


Automated machine vision used to be really difficult and expensive. Then the “thing” happened that we knew would happen: computers caught up, memory caught up and our applications became very stable and reliable. Robots have had a similar path. Now we are seeing manufacturers integrating and bringing vision on board robots. The question for our panel: is the collaboration complete? Are we there yet?

 In this webinar our expert panel will discuss:

  • When integrated vision a good idea
  • Faster or slower?
  • Lights, camera, action - and what about equipment upgrades
  • Security, longevity, service and support
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Jim Beretta

Jim Beretta is president at Customer Attraction, a Marketing Consulting company specializing in the automation and robotics industry. He is best known as the driving force behind marketing and branding for one of North America?s largest automation integrators, with over 20 years in the automation industry. He operates his marketing consultancy and works with Automation manufacturers, distributors, robot companies and the automation community around the world. Jim is a speaker and moderator at industry conferences and is an expert at marketing and branding. He is also a member of RIA.