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How Automation is Advancing Healthcare

15/09/2022 - Noon - 1 PM ET


As the healthcare industry continues to improve on all fronts: surgery tactics, research findings, faster diagnoses and prognoses, there is one leading factor that’s helping contribute to this success: automation. Robots and related technologies are helping the healthcare industry by providing additional help, both in and out of the operating room.

Join us for a panel discussion with industry experts to learn more about how automation is increasing accuracy and decreasing medical errors. We'll discuss:

  • How collaboration between humans and robots have helped healthcare professionals become more accurate and effective
  • How surgical robots are increasing precision and accuracy and decreasing the amount of time a patient is on the operating table
  • How hospital robots are helping disinfect medical equipment, take patient vitals and deliver medications to laboratories.
  • How the use of robotics in lab automation and drug discovery are advancing the healthcare industry