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Revealing the Invisible to Machines with Neuromorphic Vision Systems

08/07/2021 - 11 AM - 12 PM ET


Neuromorphic Event-Based Vision is a new paradigm in imaging technology, inspired by human biology. It dramatically improves machines’ ability to sense their environments and make intelligent decisions about what they see. Like human vision, Prophesee’s Event-Based vision technology dynamically senses only the most useful and relevant events in a scene, thanks to intelligent pixels enabling them to activate themselves independently. This allows for unprecedented speed (>10,000 fps time resolution equivalent), dynamic range (>120 dB), data volume (10x to 1,000x less) and power efficiency (<10 mW).

Discover how a new bio-inspired Machine Vision category is transforming Industry 4.0, and how its solutions improve safety, reliability, efficiency and user experiences across a broad range of applications such as High-Speed Counting, Smart Detection and Tracking, Vibration Monitoring, Spatter Monitoring, Machine Learning, Ultra Slow Motion, Optical Flow, Movement Analysis and Monitoring, Fluid Dynamics Monitoring, Kinematic Monitoring and many more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what Event-Based Vision is
  • Discover how Event-Based Vision can help you unlock new performance levels in inspection, counting, predictive maintenance and more
  • Find out what the future of industrial automation holds

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Image of Luca Verre, Co-Founder and CEO, Prophesee

Luca Verre, Co-Founder and CEO, Prophesee

Luca Verre is Co-Founder and CEO of Prophesee, the inventor of the world?s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems. Prophesee?s patented technology is inspired by human vision, giving sight back to the blind and unleashing new safety standards and autonomy to cars, robots and mobile devices.

Luca is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. He has extensive international management experience in the industrial and electronics sectors. His experience includes project and product management, marketing and business development roles at Schneider Electric. Prior to Schneider Electric, Luca worked as a Research Assistant in Photonics at the Imperial College of London. Luca holds a MSc in Physics, Electronic and Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and Ecole Centrale and an MBA from INSEAD.