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ROS-Industrial: An Open-Source Approach to Revolutionizing Industrial Automation

13/07/2020 - 10 AM - 11 AM ET


Modern automation in manufacturing requires more and more complex robot applications and software. The ROS-Industrial initiative enables solving complex robot applications in a hardware agnostic, reusable and scalable way based on open-source software. This webinar gives an overview of the initiative, covering innovations and progress since the inception of the initiative in 2012. Case studies and success stories will be referenced, along with introductions and innovations from each region.

Attendees will learn that open-source software is a viable pathway to develop advanced industrial applications and capabilities. There are several resources to develop automated industrial robotics solutions, for free! There are numerous opportunities to collaborate and crowd source your solution development.

Topic Areas:

  • Open-source software and how it is leveraged for industrial applications
  • What is ROS and why it is different
  • What the resources are to take advantage of the advanced capabilities in the ROS ecosystem
  • How to get involved in ROS

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Matt Robinson

ROS-I Americas Program Manager

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Christoph Hellman Santos

ROS-I EU Program Manager

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Erik Unemyr

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