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Unlocking Success: The Path to Profits with Modular Palletizing Solutions

12/12/2023 - 2 PM - 3 PM ET


Improving the efficiency of your processes is paramount when growing a profitable manufacturing business. Robotic palletizers have become more modular, flexible, and space-saving than ever, thanks to advances in collaborative robotics and improvements in the designing, procuring, and the installation of peripheral hardware and equipment. Automated palletizing systems are a game-changing solution in the realm of packaging and materials handling, promising increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and improved safety.

Join Brian Conner, CSI/CSP Program Manager from Universal Robots and Brian McHugh, Vice President of Sales from Vention, as they provide industry professionals and decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of robotic palletizing technology. Whether you're considering integrating palletizers into your operations or looking to optimize existing systems, this event is your gateway to mastering palletizer operations and achieving peak efficiency in your production or distribution facility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry insight: Get an exclusive look at current trends and the future landscape of palletizing technology.
  • Palletizing Fundamentals: A deep dive into robotic palletizing technology.
  • ROI and Cost Analysis: Understand the financial benefits and potential return on investment of implementing palletizers in your facility.
Image of Brian Conner - CSI/CSP Program Manager - Universal Robots, U.S. and Canada

Brian Conner - CSI/CSP Program Manager - Universal Robots, U.S. and Canada

After earning a degree in International Business from Southern Illinois University, Brian entered the manufacturing world in 2007 focusing on helping manufacturers with factory automation. After serving for ten years in the industrial coupling industry with R+W, Brian entered the world of collaborative robots through end of arm tooling, eventually transitioning to Universal Robots in 2019, where he spent nearly four years as a Channel Development Manager in the Midwest. Today, he is leading the Certified System Integrator Program in the US and Canada, with a focus on helping integration companies find success solving everyday manufacturing challenges, from throughput and quality to cost reduction and labor reallocation, through the deployment of collaborative robots. Brian is excited to be in this role at a company that is ?leading and transforming the next industrial revolution."

Image of Brian McHugh - Vice President of Sales, Vention

Brian McHugh - Vice President of Sales, Vention

Brian McHugh holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Laval University. With 21 years of experience, Brian McHugh's professional journey has revolved around robotics and technology, with a particular focus on applications ranging from palletizing to deburring, profiling, and automated visual inspection.